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DNA-Chip analysis on horse meat and others

The regular method to analyze different animal species is PCR. Specific primers are used to detect the target genes of interest. A semi-quantitative possibility is the use of real-time PCR.

An advancement of this method is the so called DNA-Chip Technology. This procedure is already widely used in clinical diagnostics. Different primers of interest are immobilized on a chip and accordingly one can analyze several different targets in one run. The detection principal is the same as in real-time PCR via fluorescence. We offer a screening for horse, pig, donkey, sheep, cattle, chicken, turkey hen and goat in one single test.

Apparently the method is much more cost efficient and at the same time has a higher significance. The limit of detection can be given with 0.5%. For an analysis 10g of sample would be sufficient and results are available after 5 working days.

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